Advancing Evidence Based Programming (EBP)

NAFI/NFI was an early champion of evidence based programming (EBP) and is a founding member of the Association for The Advancement of Evidence Based Practice.

As a mission-driven organization dedicated to maximizing the independence and well-being of people facing disadvantages, NAFI/NFI views the advancement of scientifically-based strategies as an ethical and responsible necessity. Industries are slow to change, but NAFI/NFI understands that the human service industry must evolve rapidly to demonstrate more effective and efficient use of resources. This has great value for clients as evidence based practices have demonstrated effectiveness and are more often community-based, reducing the need for institutional interventions.

NAFI/NFI has adopted evidence based programming broadly and is strategically pursuing more preventive, community-based contracts that support the use of EBPs. NAFI/NFI has EBP leaders and experts in all of our regions and acts as an advocate, trainer and mentor to other human service groups seeking to learn how to achieve better outcomes through the use of evidence based practices.