Normative Learning Communities

NAFI/NFI has always emphasized the vital role of social, emotional and peer factors in relation to academic and intellectual development. It is natural for NAFI to take that experience of over four decades and become involved in the national conversation about school climate. We believe that improving the culture of schools is our nation’s best opportunity for overcoming the massive academic performance challenges that are negatively impacting a generation of youth.

NAFI’s Normative Learning Community (NLC) initiative addresses the best practice criteria for turnaround schools seeking to achieve sustainable cultures of learning that impact behavior, create a positive school climate, reduce attendance and raise academic performance in measurable ways. NLC is based upon the belief that cultures shapes behavior and healthy unifying social norms for schools must be developed in partnership between teachers and students.

NAFI’s NLC process:

  • Prepares school leaders to establish a culture of norms and structures that supports increased emotional and physical safety, improved attendance and reduced drop out.
  • Gives teachers the critical skills required to minimize classroom disruptions, reduce office referrals and create a nurturing and safe environment that keeps students learning-focused.
  • Enables students to gain competencies in pro-social communication, develop public speaking skills, and practice reflection, critical thinking and problem solving.

NLC is not a packaged curriculum. It is an operating platform that transforms school culture, rooted in community ownership of challenges and solutions. NLC is compatible with all positive academic programs, behavioral incentive programs and positive community-based interventions for parent stakeholders.