The North American Family Institute, or NAFI/NFI was established in 1974 as a private nonprofit human service agency specializing in community-based care for children, youth, and adults with emotional and/or behavioral problems. NAFI/NFI services are spread across four corporations and four additional regions spanning the length of the country’s East Coast. The agency is built upon a unique central philosophy known as the Normative Community Approach, which emphasizes the ability of all people to achieve positive change when they are members of a community that is united by it’s mission and purpose. NAFI/NFI programs are united by the central mission: Creating Diverse and Innovative Services for People.

Our cutting-edge services incorporate the core principles of

  • A Consumer Centered Approach
  • Evidence Based Programming and Curricula
  • Gender Responsive, Trauma-informed and Culturally Responsive Care for All Individuals and Families
  • Family Intervention and Community Preservation

Below is a short video made to commemorate NAFI's 40th anniversary in 2014.

Click here to check out NAFI/NFI's 40th Anniversary video!