Foster Care Services

In our 40+ years of service, NAFI has learned that there is no “one size fits all” course of treatment for our clients and consumers. Even within specific program types, specialization is key and our goal is always to provide the most targeted form of treatment or service in the least restrictive environment possible. Foster care services are no exception to that rule. In fact, within NAFI we offer over 6 different styles of foster care in order to best meet the needs of those we serve.

NAFI has long been a proponent of foster care programming as it allows youth to remain in a supportive, caring, home environment, even if living “at home” is not an option. Throughout our organization, there are a number of foster care program models offered, including therapeutic foster care, short-term, assessment foster care, Professional Parenting Programs (PPP), wraparound programming, high-end specialty foster care programs such as our NAFI New York Westchester Wraparound program and evidence-based foster care models such as Treatment foster Care Oregon (TFCO), which we currently offer in Connecticut.

States Offering NAFI Foster Care