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The board of directors of the North American Family Institute (NAFI), a nationally renowned human services organization, is pleased to share exciting news about the organization's senior leadership. Dr. Paul L. Dann, NFI North's Executive Director, has stepped into the role of President and CEO, effective January 1st, 2024. NFI North is one of NAFI's four subsidiary agencies, serving youth, families and adults in New Hampshire and Maine. He has the honor of succeeding Dr. Yitzhak Bakal, NAFI's founder and president, following his 50-year tenure. NFI North's Board and Administrative Team has appointed Luke Reynard, the agency's chief operating officer, to become NFI North's new Executive Director. 

Dr. Paul Dann has worked closely with Dr. Bakal for the past 44 years in many roles. Dr. Dann and his team have grown NFI North's service array over the last three decades from a small agency with one program and four employees into the multi-service and multi-state organization that it is today. Dr. Dann's efforts have allowed the agency to broaden its reach and to help thousands of people to live successfully in their own home and community. He has excelled as an Executive Team member, administrator, and innovator in organizational leadership. Dr. Dann's talent and knowledge will be instrumental in helping the agency stay forward-looking, unique and a leader in the field of social services. 

Announcing NAFI'S first Conference in 4 years!

Announcing NAFI'S first Conference in 4 years!

Our theme: "Bravo! 50 years of Passion and Resilience." Open to all NAFI/NFI Staff members, the conference is a time to connect, share ideas across the agency, rededicate our passion for the mission, and workshop new ideas to bring us forward. As the agency enters its 50th year, the focus will be on staying resilient and mission-focused for the next 50.

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