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NAFI’s operations are regionalized, allowing us to truly become part of each community we serve. Visit your local subsidiary site for information on the services offered near you.

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NAFI CT/NY/RI is a tri-state organization serving Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island.

NAFI Connecticut

Established in 2003, NAFI CT is a multi-service agency providing a broad scope of quality care and support services throughout the state’s rural, suburban, and urban communities.


NAFI New York

New York was established as a NAFI region in 2005 with a ground-breaking wraparound program, and today is a statewide leader in community-based and therapeutic foster care programs.


NAFI Rhode Island

NAFI programs have operated in Rhode Island since 1989 and have a long history of success. Today, these programs provide a continuum of innovative transition and treatment services.


NFI Massachusetts

NAFI originated in Massachusetts, and today NFI MA provides a vast array of services across the Commonwealth, with treatment options based on each client’s strengths and needs.


NFI North

Across Maine and New Hampshire, individuals and families facing emotional, mental, or behavioral problems find programs, consultation, and support services from NFI North.

NFI North

NFI Vermont

Providing a comprehensive system of care in Vermont since 1984, NAFI VT specializes in the client-centered treatment of trauma, attachment issues, and mood disorders.

NFI Vermont

NAFI Florida

NAFI/NFI Corporate has operated programs in Florida since 1993, and today provides evidence-based services for adjudicated youth and families involved in the Child Welfare system.

NAFI Florida