Youth Link

Youth Link is an innovative prevention initiative from NAFI. Youth Link programming offers a system of skills and strategies that are combined to build lasting trust and positive relationships between youth and the community of adults in their lives. NAFI works with each community to adapt the Youth Link model so it will maximize their strengths and resources and repair relationships. Youth Link services engage youth and communities in positive social change to reduce violence and gang involvement by creating sustainable positive relationships among teens and adults, replacing animosity and distrust with mutual respect and understanding.

Youth Link offers group loyalty and shared values that can provide a genuine alternative to gang recruitment. Youth Link programs train community partners to establish a culture of positive youth engagement.

  • A peak experience strategy that inspires openness
  • A skill development experience that qualifies young people as “leaders” with something valuable to share
  • An academy experience that provides the opportunity to develop competence in a discipline through the arts, service, vocational skills and other topics
  • A trained local adult capacity to sustain young people through membership in a community or school based club that monitors and supports youth long-term as they develop

 Youth Link has been fortunate to receive the support of a number of funders and supporters, whose grant monies and charitable donations help us maintain our presence in the community. One such organization is the Cummings Foundation, who awarded Youth Link their prestigious 100K for 100 grant in 2016.


For more information, please contact Jay Paris, Director, Youth Link.