Agency Rolls Out New Workplace Violence Prevention Policy and Trainings

NAFI/NFI is committed to promoting and maintaining a safe and secure working environment for its employees, consultants, interns, volunteers, clients and visitors. We are pleased to announce, that effective January 2016, we began the rollout of our new Workplace Violence Prevention Policy. An abridged copy of the policy can be found in our EE handbook, and the full version can be found on MyNAFI. A secondary part of policy rollout is to engage employees through targeted trainings in workplace violence prevention. We have begun to offer these to employees in Massachusetts and Florida and so far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to reaching out and connecting with the rest of the agency on this important initiative.

The OSHA guidelines specific to our industry were used as a reference as we continue to develop our workplace violence prevention program.  An effective prevention program includes management commitment, worksite assessments, hazard prevention and control, safety training, recordkeeping and program review. Engaging all employees in the prevention process is critical as we continue to design, implement and evaluate our program. Clients may also provide valuable feedback as those who are being served by our agency.

The prevention of workplace violence is a shared responsibility. We welcome your input and encourage you to contact your Corporate Risk and Safety Committee member with questions, comments or concerns.

As always, please be sure to report violent incidents or threats of imminent violence to your supervisor or local police immediately.