Juvenile Justice Services

NAFI/NFI has been a pioneer in effective services for youth and families involved in the Juvenile Justice System for nearly 40 years. We work collaboratively with youth, families, child welfare authorities and court services. Our range of services provides support and interventions that meet the complex behavioral, relational, educational, family and clinical requirements of each youth and family at each level of need.

NAFI provides gender responsive, collaborative and holistic solutions through both community-based and residential services that build upon the unique strengths and needs of each family. NAFI/NFI operates juvenile justice programs in several states, which include secure residential programs, staff-secure programs, group homes, independent living programs, outreach and tracking programs, and therapeutic foster care. Youth in these programs are provided with the opportunity to develop values and skills in a climate that supports and rewards positive change and assumption of responsibility.

States Offering NAFI Juvenile Justice Programs